Site Castellanza

Location: Perstorp S.p.A, Castellanza, Italy
Main products: specialty polyols, propionates (CAP, food and feed grade)

The site is located in Castellanza, 30 km north of Milan. On the site, there are also other companies operating, Chemisol and Metaenergia. 

The Castellanza plant started operations in the year 1900. Perstorp acquired the moulding compounds plant in 1982 and the Penta, formaldehyde, sodium formate and formic acid plants in 1988. During 2001, the process was redesigned and turned into a multi-purpose plant.

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Perstorp S.p.A
Corso Sempione, 13
Castellanza Varese

Phone: +39 (0) 331 488 111

Castellanza plant

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